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Cobrancosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Portugal

Origin:  Portugal

Intensity:  Robust

Flavor:      Both floral and grassy notes with herbaceous center and peppery arugula finish.  Complex and layered with desirable bitterness.


International Olive Council (IOC) Standard Chemistry as measured at time of crush:

Harvest & Crush Date: November 2019


Biophenols:        421.7    (Antioxidants - Between 220 and 400 is High Quality)

Oleic Acid:            74.4    (Ability to Fight Free Radicals - IOC Standard: Between 55-83)

Free Fatty Acid:    0.18    (Quality of the Fruit - IOC Standard: <Below 0.80)

Peroxide:                7.4     (Free Radical Damage or Rancid Fruit - IOC Standard: < 20.0)