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Melgarejo Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Region: Spain

Intensity:  Robust

This early harvest emerald green Picual comes from one of the most decorated producers in the world!  Dominate notes of green herb, tomato leaf and fresh cut grass.  This particular oil is also slightly floral and an incredibly powerful aroma.  Ample bitterness and pungency make this oil a favorite among olive oil aficionados!

International Olive Council (IOC) Standard Chemistry:

Harvest & Crush Date: November 2017

 Biophenols: 430.2 (Antioxidants - Between 220 and 400 is High Quality)

Oleic Acid: 75.9 (Ability to Fight Free Radicals - IOC Standard: Between 55-83)


Free Fatty Acid: 0.10   (Quality of the Fruit - IOC Standard: <Below 0.80)

Peroxide: 6.2 (Free Radical Damage or Rancid Fruit - IOC Standard: < 20.0)